WBD 2016

      WORLD BEARD DAY 2016

It’s that special time of year again! World Beard Day is finally almost upon us, and bearded men everywhere are preparing for a well-deserved day of joyous festivities, leisure and relaxation.

On the 3rd of September 2016, hirsute men and women around the world will hold thousands of World Beard Day events in bars, backyards, lounge rooms, beaches, parks and public squares.

Beard-appreciators on every continent are encouraged to organise their own World Beard Day event, which can be as simple as inviting a few bearded friends, neighbours or strangers over to your house for a day of fun, celebration and unity (between bearded people).


If you are hosting a World Beard Day event, here’s a helpful list of things you can do to make this the greatest World Beard Day ever…

Break bread with your bearded brethren.

What World Beard Day would be complete without a mouthwatering array of beard friendly foods? Popular options include…

– Barbecues / meat on a spit
– Hot dogs
– Vindaloo
– Vodka
– Fondue

Have a fire

If local laws permit, build a fire (or if you prefer have some beardless people build you a fire),
then sit around the fire and enjoy having a beard and living in a golden age of beardedness.

Change a Tyre

Grab a bearded mate or two, flatten a car’s tyre, then enjoy the satisfaction of changing it using your extensive life skills.

World Beard Day Games and Events

World Beard Day events often feature various games and events. Feel free to create your own event, or choose from any of the following customary World Beard Day games…

– All-bearded human pyramid (current record 22)
– Cleanchin darts (Just stick a picture of your least favourite beardless individual onto the dart board and throw darts at his face).
– Vodka
– World Beard Day Pinata (fill a paper mache beardless guy with treats, hang him from a tree, give the guy with the biggest beard a club and tell him to get clubbin’!)
– Effigy Burning. Make a simple effigy of a beardless guy and celebrate beards by burning him to the ground.
– Pin-the-beard-on-the-guy (by far the easiest, least-challenging World Beard Day game – no blindfold required.)
– Dungeons and Dragons

Have a Sing

Break out the vodka, band together and sing along to your favourite beard-related songs.

WBD League Sports

Play your favourite sports the way sports were meant to be played: Bearded vs. Non-Bearded, with the beardless team heavily handicapped (feel free to create your own handicaps for the beardless team or “losing team”). Popular choices include…

– The losing team has fewer players.
– The losing team is made up entirely of children.
– The referees / umpires are all members of the bearded team (winning team).
– The losing team or selected members of the losing team are blind folded, bound and gagged.